Pet Delivery

About Our Pet Transport Services

Our agency has been trusted by families to safely relocate their pets all over the world. We love pets, we are the experts in pet transport, we are genuine when it comes to our knowledge and care and we strive to exceed expectations. Our entire team are pet owners as well as pet relocation specialists. So, when we say that we live and breathe pet relocation, we mean it.

Our pet delivery will fly with your pet from the airport to the final destination airport of your choice. During the entire trip your pet will be personally escorted professionally with care , flying in the cabin with the transporter. We also provide pick up and drop off service at the airport. If you want an additional travel, please note there is a 0.75 per mile charge. International Transit Express Services include:

  • Straight Cargo option
  • TAS Approved Carrier
  • Water & Food Bowls
  • Leashes & Collars
  • Pee Pads
  • Regular Updates with photos and videos
  • All flights are confirmed.
  • No Standby Airline Pet fees are included with final quote

Pets Flying on commercial airline are required to be 10 weeks old and 20 pounds or under. A Health certificate is also required.

Why Us?

How Pet travel works?

Preparing to fly your pet

  • Please make sure your pet must be bathed and clean before arriving to transport. If animal that arrives dirty, with a foul odor, ticks and /or fleas, will not be allowed to travel. All deposits made at this point, will not be refunded.
  • Pets must have a health certificate no older than 10 days before a travel day. We follow USDA.
  • Please also include a small bag of pet food which will last during the duration of the transport. A favorite toy, chew bone and / or blanket is also encouraged. This makes the environment very calm and relaxing.
  • Correct weight , age and height is very important to determine for any pet flying because airlines have strict rules for physical stats. 2 days prior to transport , an updated weight and height is required to be sent In because puppies grow very fast.
  • Wherever Your Pet Needs to Go, We’ll Get Them There

    Moving your beloved pets can be emotional and confusing, especially when every country has their own set of rules and regulations. We transport pets anywhere in the world. And whether they’re going to Sydney, Australia or London, UK, we always ensure the process is smooth and seamless for both you and your pet, no matter where you need them to go.