Automobile Delivery

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Spare Parts Delivery

Our agency is the best way to ship large car parts. On our platform, you simply need to submit some very basic information about your delivery such as the size of the car parts, the pickup location, and the delivery location. Once submitted, auto part delivery services will send personalized quotes directly to your inbox, giving you one place to compare all of your options. It feels like getting your auto parts delivered should be straightforward but the number of options available, as well as varying forms of delivery, can end up becoming quite confusing, and this is where Transcargo Freight Logistics can help.

Preparing For Your Parts To Be Shipped

If you have decided on a company to carry out your auto parts delivery then the next thing to do is to prepare the parts for pick up:

  • Documents – If there are any documents required for the delivery such as proof of ownership or customs documents to travel overseas then these should be taken care of as a priority as the delivery cannot go ahead without them.
  • Cleaning And Photographing – Cleaning the car parts can help to give a better idea of their condition prior to delivery. This means that you are able to easily spot any damages that may occur in transit. High quality time-stamped photographs also give you evidence of this and make comparisons easy.
  • Running Condition – You want to check that all parts are operating as expected prior to delivery, just to ascertain the item’s working condition beforehand. You also want to drain any fluids that are not supposed to be there in transit.
  • Packing – You want to make sure that your car parts are as safe as possible and should wrap them securely in protective material to protect them from damage during transit.
  • The internet has opened up the possibilities of car fixing and customization by allowing the buying and selling of car parts all over the world, but whilst you may find the car part of your dreams or be close to finally selling your spare parts, getting them delivered can still be a challenge. How to ship an engine can often be the unanswered question that means your garage is still as cluttered as ever.

    There are hundreds of auto part delivery services on Shiply whose quotes are often up to 75% less than usual rates.

    Lots of transport providers on International Transit Express are operating on a backload basis, meaning they are looking for items to fill their vehicles on journeys they are already making. For this reason, quotes on International Transit Express are up to 75% cheaper than usual, and what’s more, this is also great for reducing unnecessary CO2 emissions as it ensures that fewer half-empty vehicles are on the road making the same journeys.

    What to do after Delivery

    Once the car parts have been delivered the most important thing to do is to check their condition. They should be operating as expected and their exterior condition should match the photographs taken prior to pickup. Any issues should be raised with the auto parts delivery service immediately.

    Finally, we ask that you leave a rating and some feedback for your shipping company. This not only helps them improve their service in the future but also allows future Global Freight Logistics users to browse their options with confidence and trust.